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Linear Actuators

The Linear Actuators produced by our company are reciprocating electric drives that can be used in a variety of complex or simple processes as remotely controlled or automatically controlled electric actuators. It has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for electric sofas, smart lounge chairs, electric beds and other household electric push rod products.
In addition, it has strong durability, high reliability, self-locking function, smooth speed and low noise. Oukai Electrical is a leading Linear Actuators manufacturer and supplier in China with over 10 years experience. You can buy our Linear Actuators here with wholesale price from our factory.
  • Linear Actuator Motor

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    Linear Actuator Motor

    Linear Actuator Motor is a common type of auxiliary drive. It can be widely used in medical, furniture, home, electronics, electricity, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, mining, petroleum, chemical, lifting, transportation, construction, food and processing industries....Read More

  • 12V Linear Actuator

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    12V Linear Actuator

    12V Linear Actuator is a high speed linear actuator and is the fastest device we offer. It works very smoothly. This linear actuator handles a large amount of static load and maintains position even when power is lost. It can be used in furniture, electrical appliances,...Read More

  • Warner Linear Actuator

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    Warner Linear Actuator

    This Warner Linear Actuator uses a ball bearing nut to transfer the load and is equipped with a double-ended ball bearing motor and hardened gear for ruggedness. Its protective coating and O-ring provide protection (IP) 65 dust and liquid rating.Read More

  • Linear DC Actuator

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    Linear DC Actuator

    1.This Linear DC Actuator is equipped with the sliding drive motor. It moves by its white slider. So The actuator block allows a big stroke range in confined spaces. 2.You need to decide what stroke,load capacity and speed of the actuator you need. The stroke is the length the...Read More

  • DC Actuator Relay

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    DC Actuator Relay

    DC Actuator Relay is a reciprocating electric drive that can be used in a variety of complex or simple process flows as an electric actuator for remote centralized control or automatic control. It is suitable for home electric putter products such as electric sofa,...Read More

  • DC Actuator Motors

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    DC Actuator Motors

    The series of DC Actuator Motors is widely used in electric care bed, operating bed, traction bed, massage chair, dental chair, electric wheelchair, electric sofa, electric booth, electric sunroof, ergonomic furniture and other fields where a linear motion actuator is...Read More

  • 12V DC Actuator

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    12V DC Actuator

    12V DC Actuator Features: 1) High-quality aluminum alloy material, compact design 2) Built-in limit switch, automatic stop when the stroke is completed 3) Low noise, stable performance, green and enviroment friendly 4) The stroke can be customized, easy to install, easy to...Read More

  • DC Actuators

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    DC Actuators

    DC Actuators Application equipment: ● Off-road vehicles (agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, road operations, railway equipment) ● turf and gardening (mowers, golf carts, tractors, washing machines, high-altitude lifts, other multi-purpose vehicles) ● Industrial...Read More

  • Linear Actuators for Sale

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    Linear Actuators for Sale

    Linear Actuators for Sale Linear Actuators are used in the 12,24,36 VDC power supply typical open-loop occasions. Linear electric actuators are used in agricultural, construction, mining and industrial equipment with excellent performance and can control seats, hoods, doors,...Read More

  • Miniature Linear Actuator

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    Miniature Linear Actuator

    Miniature Linear Actuator Applications: electric care bed, electric operating bed, electric traction bed, electric massage chair, electric dental chair, electric wheelchair, electric lift cabinet, LCD TV lift frame, bedside cabinet LCD TV intelligent hidden, camera electric...Read More

  • Progressive Automations Linear Actuator

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    Progressive Automations Linear Actuator

    Progressive Automations Linear Actuator Progressive Automations Linear Actuator is a kind of general actuator which converts electric energy into reciprocating mechanical energy. It is suitable for all kinds of complicated or simple processes. It has the advantages of compact...Read More

  • Linear Actuator 12V

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    Linear Actuator 12V

    Features • durable, high strength and reliability • Ability to withstand very harsh environments • Stainless steel telescopic tube • Ball screw drive system with mechanical self-locking force • Use the overload protection clutch for stroke center and end protection • With...Read More