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Linear Actuators

The Linear Actuators produced by our company are reciprocating electric drives that can be used in a variety of complex or simple processes as remotely controlled or automatically controlled electric actuators. It has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for electric sofas, smart lounge chairs, electric beds and other household electric push rod products.
In addition, it has strong durability, high reliability, self-locking function, smooth speed and low noise. Oukai Electrical is a leading Linear Actuators manufacturer and supplier in China with over 10 years experience. You can buy our Linear Actuators here with wholesale price from our factory.
  • DC Actuator Motor

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    DC Actuator Motor

    This DC Actuator Motor can drive a pair of nuts after deceleration. The rotation of the motor is converted into a linear motion to complete the putter action. This product can be widely used in power windows, massage chairs, TV lifts, transportation equipment, access control...Read More

  • Mini DC Actuator

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    Mini DC Actuator

    Mini DC Actuator has ultra-low noise, strong thrust, compact structure, convenient installation and vertical design. It can stay anywhere. It is widely used in homes, massage chairs, smart beds and other fields. This actuator should be attached to the linear guide mechanism...Read More

  • DC Actuator Lift

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    DC Actuator Lift

    DC Actuator Lift has protection measures such as over-current and super-current, so it can ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Its output, speed and travel can be customized according to customer requirements. It is widely used in medical, fire, home, electrical and...Read More

  • Small Linear 24V DC Actuator

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    Small Linear 24V DC Actuator

    This Small Linear 24V DC Actuator has high precision, so the positioning is accurate, the response speed is fast, and the stroke is adjustable. It has low noise, energy saving and long life. This small size and light weight make it easy to install, commission and operate....Read More

  • DC Actuator Motor for Trailer

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    DC Actuator Motor for Trailer

    DC Actuator Motor for Trailer is an electric drive, so that the rotary motion of the motor can be converted into a linear reciprocating motion of the linear actuator. It can be implemented mechanically for a variety of simple or complex processes for remote control,...Read More

  • 12 Volt DC Actuator

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    12 Volt DC Actuator

    This 12 Volt DC Actuator is made of aluminum alloy, so it is compact and lightweight. DC motor gear reduction. The product has a built-in limit switch that automatically stops the stroke. Its itinerary is customizable and easy to install and operate.Read More

  • Linear Actuators 12V

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    Linear Actuators 12V

    This Linear Actuators 12V is more cost effective than hydraulic and pneumatic products with the same function, so it can save costs and increase the efficiency of the motor. The unit's compact side-by-side design delivers higher speed, higher force and longer life.Read More

  • Electric Linear Actuators

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    Electric Linear Actuators

    This Electric Linear Actuator consists of a drive motor, reduction gear, screw, nut, guide sleeve, push rod, slider, spring, housing and turbine, micro-control switch and so on. It enables remote control and centralized control.Read More

  • Linear Actuator Electric

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    Linear Actuator Electric

    This Linear Actuator Electric can be designed with different thrusts depending on the application load. In general, its thrust can reach 6000N. The free load speed is 7-50mm / s. The rated load speed is 5-40mm / s. It uses a 24V / 12V DC permanent magnet motor as the power...Read More

  • 12 Volt Linear Actuator

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    12 Volt Linear Actuator

    12 Volt Linear Actuator has a reverse polarity that causes it to retract. It works very smoothly because the various components inside it work well together. It can be used in furniture, electrical appliances, automobiles, satellites, solar energy, etc. It uses an industry...Read More

  • Linear Actuator Controller

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    Linear Actuator Controller

    The Linear Actuator Controller has a user-programmable preset that can be easily accessed via a button display to precisely control the linear actuator and keep the actuator in an accurate position. When the linear actuator reaches the position you want to preset, just press...Read More

  • Small Linear Actuator

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    Small Linear Actuator

    This Small Linear Actuator is an excellent alternative to clumsy gears, motors, servos and linkages. It is highly flexible and configurable and compact linear motion equipment. It comes with an optional complex onboard microcontroller. It has an axial design with a powerful...Read More

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