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Linear Actuators

The Linear Actuators produced by our company are reciprocating electric drives that can be used in a variety of complex or simple processes as remotely controlled or automatically controlled electric actuators.
Linear Actuators has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for electric sofas, smart lounge chairs, electric beds and other household electric push rod products.
In addition, it has strong durability, high reliability, self-locking function, smooth speed and low noise.
  • Linear DC Actuator

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    Linear DC Actuator

    1.This Linear DC Actuator is equipped with the sliding drive motor. It moves by its white slider. So The actuator block allows a big stroke range in confined spaces. 2.You need to decide what stroke,load capacity and speed of the actuator you need. The stroke is the length the...Read More

  • DC Actuator Motor

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    DC Actuator Motor

    DC Actuator Motor After the motor is slowed by the gear, drive a pair of screw nuts. The rotation of the motor is converted into a linear motion to complete the putter action. Applications: Electric windows, massage chairs, TV lifts, transportation equipment, Access control...Read More

  • DC Actuator Relay

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    DC Actuator Relay

    DC Actuator Relay is a reciprocating electric drive that can be used in a variety of complex or simple process flows as an electric actuator for remote centralized control or automatic control. It is suitable for home electric putter products such as electric sofa,...Read More

  • Mini DC Actuator

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    Mini DC Actuator

    Mini DC Actuator It features ultra-low noise level, strong thrust, compact structure, easy installation, vertical design and any position to stay. Used in the field of home, massage chair, intelligent bed and other fields. Our Mini DC Actuator should be fixed to a linear...Read More

  • DC Actuator Motors

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    DC Actuator Motors

    The series of DC Actuator Motors is widely used in electric care bed, operating bed, traction bed, massage chair, dental chair, electric wheelchair, electric sofa, electric booth, electric sunroof, ergonomic furniture and other fields where a linear motion actuator is...Read More

  • DC Actuator Lift

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    DC Actuator Lift

    DC Actuator Lift It is widely used in the medical, fire, home, electrical and mechanical, chemical, sanitary ware, leisure field and other fields. Features: 1) 24VDC permanent magnet motor, compact structure, strong, durable. 2) Using high-precision screw, with good wear and...Read More

  • 12V DC Actuator

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    12V DC Actuator

    12V DC Actuator Features: 1) High-quality aluminum alloy material, compact design 2) Built-in limit switch, automatic stop when the stroke is completed 3) Low noise, stable performance, green and enviroment friendly 4) The stroke can be customized, easy to install, easy to...Read More

  • Small Linear 24V DC Actuator

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    Small Linear 24V DC Actuator

    Small Linear 24V DC Actuator Features: 1) High-precision screw and brand motor, positioning accuracy, fast response, adjustable travel and speed 2) Low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, long working life. 3) Small size, light weight, easy to install, debug...Read More

  • DC Actuator Motor for Trailer

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    DC Actuator Motor for Trailer

    DC Actuator Motor for Trailer It is an electric drive that converts the rotational motion of the motor into a straight reciprocating motion of the linear actuator. It can be used in a variety of simple or complex processes as a mechanical implementation to achieve long-range...Read More

  • 12 Volt DC Actuator

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    12 Volt DC Actuator

    12 Volt DC Actuator Features: 1) Aluminum alloy material, compact structure, light weight 2) DC motor gear slowing down 3) Built-in limit switch, can automatically stop the stroke 4) Stroke can be customized, easy to install, easy to operate 5) Can replace the hydraulic,...Read More

  • DC Actuators

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    DC Actuators

    DC Actuators Application equipment: ● Off-road vehicles (agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, road operations, railway equipment) ● turf and gardening (mowers, golf carts, tractors, washing machines, high-altitude lifts, other multi-purpose vehicles) ● Industrial...Read More

  • Linear Actuators 12V

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    Linear Actuators 12V

    Linear Actuators 12V, compared to the hydraulic and pneumatic products with the same function, is more cost-effective. It is cleaner, less complex, easier to operate and more energy efficient than hydraulic cylinders and gas cylinders. The integrated design of the electric...Read More

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